Fadel: an authentic Lebanese cuisine restaurant

Although my extended family is Lebanese, I grew up in a diverse Spanish city such as the one of Barcelona. Being apart from my family during the entire school year, makes me homesick and want to visit Beirut so badly during vacations.

Last Christmas holidays, I was in Beirut catching up with my cousins and the rest of my family. During every visit, I love to dedicate an entire day to visit an old restaurant in the Lebanese mountains of Bikfaya named Fadel.

Serving since many years authentic Lebanese food, this restaurant is the best day plan you can do in Lebanon. Not only for its food but also for its incredible views. I love getting there around 2:00 pm, have a walk first in the mountains, start having lunch by 3 pm and finish by sunset time (during winter its around 4:30 and summer around 7:30 pm).

Mountain walk at 2 pm

I was extremely happy during my last visit in Fadel because I had the opportunity of entering inside the kitchen and take pictures of the process of cooking and serving several Lebanese Mezze dishes.

The word “Mezze” refers to small Lebanese plates. Each mezze plate represents a Lebanese dish. From their incredible homemade humus, to their tasty eggplant spread, to their mouthwatering parsley salad.

From upper right to lower left:
Moutabal (eggplant spread), Hummus (chickpeas spread), Rocket Salad and Potato Puree
Up: Pistacho cookies dipped in the cream sauce
Down: Butter cookies

I highly recommend having lunch in Fadel during your next visit in Lebanon. Please follow my instagram account @yasminarecipes and the instagram stories I have shared for more food experiences.

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