Paris, also known as the city of love, is a splendid weekend getaway you can do with your friends and/or partner. Since we decided to stay in Paris for three days, we structured clearly everyday our meals. Getting inspired by some pictures searched on Instagram, we decided to start our trip in “Maison Sauvage” (Rue de Buci, St Germain district).

As soon as you enter in Maison Sauvage you become impressed by their decoration. Furthermore, their two-floors interior rooms and exterior terrace are busily packed which might be hard find a table right away on weekends. Therefore, I highly recommend conducting a reservation prior to your arrival in Maison Sauvage. With a touch of french decoration and healthy food, this restaurant masters in selecting the freshest food market ingredients.

Interior design in Maison Sauvage
Lightening in Maison Sauvage

They have three different menus according to the moment of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, their most demanding plates are found all day long.

What we ordered was simple but delicious:

Salmon tartare with green salad
Chicken Quinoa Salad & Salmon Tartare

Also, it is important to leave space in your stomach for their desserts since they are mouthwatering. We were doubting whether to order their chocolate coulant cake (chocolate lava cake) or their Nutella French toast. However, the waiter lead us towards their French toast.

Nutella French Toast

Moving on, that same day we decided to have dinner in a French bistro restaurant. We chose “Brasserie L’Atlàs” because it was fully-packed with people (always when you see two restaurants, one that’s packed and the other one isn’t, choose the packed one because there’s a greater likehood that it will satisfy you more than the less packed restaurant). Also, we absolutely loved it’s French style decoration (small round tables with red stools). Once again, what we ordered was simple but absolutely perfect.

Left: French omelette with mushrooms & cheese
Right: Chicken pallaird with spicy tomato sauce

Our second day in Paris began with a two hour morning walk visiting the Louvre Museum, Notre Damme and Jardin du Luxemburg. Furthermore, we did a brief stop in the district of Marais to eat a “galette” in the well-known “Breizh café”.

The texture of the “galettes” are a combination of a soft, crispy and slim dough that melts in your mouth in less than 3 seconds. Their menu has a large variety of choices with the option of personalising your own galette. I decided to make my own galette with cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and French artichokes as shown below.

Galletes & Fresh Orange Juices

Two EXTREMELY important things of Breizh Café:

  1. They have a huge queue (specially on weekends) that can last up to 30 minutes until you get seated.
  2. However, they have a next door shop with all the food they serve (from their galette dough, cheese and coulants) AND, listen clearly, a long rectangular table where you can also eat there. Trust me, avoiding the queue and eating directly in their shop can be really time-efficient.

After our delicious meal in Breizh café, we stopped in “Yann Couvreur Pâstisserie” where we tried their chocolate mousse cake. Although I’m not a big fan of caramel, the dessert was delicious. However, I recommend this dessert for someone that truly enjoys eating caramel since the sweet flavour is really strong.

Small individual cakes
Boulangerie (Pain au chocolat, Croissant & Brioche)

Our second day in Paris ended in “Big Love”, one of the restaurants belonging to Big Mamma Group. A small romantic restaurant with a number of square shape tables really close to each other with low-intensity light and serving Italian food.

The menu in Big Love
Big Love

After observing their menu, we decided to order a pasta and a pizza. The gnocchi pasta with spinach sauce and parmesan cheese was delicious. Their burrata pizza was average…I just felt it had a lot of bread and little quantity of ingredients (burrata, tomato, pesto etc).

Gnocchi and Pizza in Big Love

As for dessert, we kept it traditional and ordered their homemade Tiramisu. Acceptable but not to die for.

Tiramisu in Big Love

Our last day in Paris began with breakfast in a kind off cliche Parisian coffee spot named Carette. Many movies, tv shows and digital events are recorded here. It’s overpriced for the service and quality of food. However, the venue is calm, the pastries are delicious and overall it’s a nice place to have breakfast…but I bet you can get the same croissant in a nearby boulangerie for half the price!

Pain au chocolat in Carette
Full breakfast in Carette

Afterwards we walked towards the district of Montmartre to visit the Basilica of Sacré Coeur. While walking, we discovered a secret hotel called Hotel Particulier. Although they didn’t have any available tables for brunch, we had the chance of seeing the restaurant from inside and definitely keep it as a reference when coming back to Paris.

The terrace in Hotel Particulier

However, we also had a delicious meal in one of the most popular Italian restaurants of Big Mamma Group: Pink Mamma.

When heading towards Pink Mamma, you observe a normal unexpected and mysterious big building. Nonetheless, as soon as you enter in Pink Mamma you feel you are in a Abba musical for its vibes, decoration, and music. The most incredible table for lunch or dinner you can get is in their 4th floor because all of the floor is covered by plants and crystal walls.

Impressive ceiling in Pink Mamma
Pink Mamma
Table set-up

We ordered two starters (fried calamari and the straticiella) and three main dishes (two pomodoro spaghetti and one truffle pasta).

Truffle spiral pasta
Pomodoro Spaghetti

Overall, we were impressed by the decoration of Pink Mamma. Although the food wasn’t as good as expected, you should definitely eat their because their music and cool atmosphere is impressive.

Before leaving back home, we stopped in Hotel Livetia for dessert.

Mill feuilles
Mill feuilles & Mousse au chocolat

All of these places are incredible, however here is our favorite list:

  1. Brasserie L’Atlàs
  2. Maison Sauvage
  3. Big Love
  4. Breizh Café
  5. Pink Mamma
  6. Yann Couvreur Pâstisserie

Thank you for reading and please keep on eye on your next spot about last weekend’s trip to London.


Yasmin Raslan.

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