I grew up near the Mediterranean sea in the city of Barcelona where I learned about the importance of respecting different ethnic groups, cultures and values. Also, to explore and appreciate the diverse cuisines the city offers as well as to appreciate small things such as the sunny weather, snowy mountains and the delicious food. This year has been different for me; exciting, new and abstract. I left Barcelona to start a new chapter of life in the “big apple” city as called by Fitz Gerald in 1924. From June to March, I’ve been up and down without giving myself a moment to reflect, analyse and process all of those magical moments lived.

During this week that I’ve been on quarantine, I am appreciating life for giving us strength to live, emotions to love and a mind to act. I’ve realized how quickly time has passed and how important it’s every now and then to stop, think, and reflect on everything lived. Now that I am in Barcelona back with my family for at least a month until COV-19 settles down, I want to dedicate this blog post to all my American friends that are eager and passionate to know more about the Spanish cuisine…

Barcelona may be magical for it’s sun or for it’s food or maybe both but what I am confident about is that it’s one of the few cities that shares a big scope of cuisines. I’ve been asked several times if I have a favorite restaurant or dish but, I believe that it depends on my mood and what my stomach is craving. What’s interesting is that I cannot prioritise because all the food is INSANELY delicious and yes, I’m emphazing on the word INSANELY because you’ll be fulfilled with whatever food you’re craving.

Something that I learned in the States is that people might not have a two hour lunch break as in Spain but they eat with more appetite. However, New York made me realize how lucky I was in Barcelona to have access to fresh sea food at a daily basis; something that I didn’t appreciate back in Barcelona.

One restaurant, one picture, three words: Nigiri de Pez Mantequilla.

Nigiri de Pez Mantequilla/Butterfish nigiri

The secret of this mouthwatering dish from a famous Japanese restaurant named Parco is in the combination of truffle and sea salt placed on top of the butterfish and the rice. Parco is also known for their puff pastries dessert filled with a creamy ice cream that tastes just as vanilla and is dipped in 185ºF hot chocolate fondue. Once eaten with their special chopsticks, you start feeling the warm chocolate, then the crunchy pastry, the cold ice cream and finally, when mixed all together in your mouth, you feel the orgasmic sensation of cold and hot.

Saquitos de crema/Puff pastries and chocolate

Another Asian restaurant that I like in the city is Robata; slightly different from the previous one due to their fusion of slowly cooked grilled plates and sushi.

Decorative food menus

Robata gives the option of mix and matching their specialities in order to try as many as possible.

Eal mix

Their sushi is exquisite but their desserts are ALL foodporn. From their flourless chocolate lava cake to their Oreo cheesecake…you’ll never regret any bite.

Flourless chocolate cake
NY cheesecake

My favorite Spanish cuisine restaurant in the city is Mercader de l’Eixample for its incredible food served in their beautiful garden.

Mercader’s garden

There known for their Pan con tomate (toasted bread with tomato sauce), Calamares a la plancha (grilled squid) and Croquetas de ceps (mushroom croquettes).

Calamares a la plancha (grilled squid)

Soho house Barcelona is one of my favorite spots for a healthy lunch in the city. It belongs to a group of social houses spread around the world where each one captures the vibes of the city. The one in Barcelona combines delicious Mediterranean food with a chic and warm decoration to represent the Spanish culture.

Green salad with fruits and nuts
Roasted eggplants and lobster wraps
Soho house’s views
Soho house’s exterior space design
Soho house’s pool

Although Soho house’s food is delicious, Federal café opened in 2013 to bring the brunch vibes of Australia to Spain. The word Federal represents the small town in South Wales of Australia. Don’t think too much when you order food: try their eggs Benedict or their Avocado toast.

Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast and Rice paper roll
Avocado toast

Last but not least, Surf house Barcelona is another delicious spot for brunch on weekends. Let’s leave it clear, EVERYTHING is delicious.

Nutella waffle
Aćai bowl and Nutella pancakes
Beach nachitos
Rice paper rolls and quinoa salad

Shoutout to their fluffy Nutella pancakes for being one of the best I have ever tried… and you’re hearing this from a crazy fanatic person of Nutella that has tried it with white bread, brown bread, banana bread, crackers, pancakes, waffles, muffins…

Nutella pancakes

Afterwards, I recommend watching the sunset right beside in Barcelona’s beach, La Barceloneta.

Walk in the Barceloneta beach

You can also walk for 15 minutes towards Las Ramblas where you’ll find a famous food market known as La Boquería or a chocolate shop called Chök.

Organic smoothies from La Boqueria

Chök is known for combining a croissant dough pastry with a donut shaped pastry which they call…drum rolls… Cronut. They have numerous options of fillings, from Oreo to Nutella to Kinder Bueno.

Chök’s cronuts
Chök’s popsicles

If you head a little bit more uptown, you will reach towards Cup and Cake and Buvette, my favorite tea time spots in the middle of the city.

Sunset in the middle of the city
Sunset in the middle of the city
Sunset in the middle of the city
Cup and Cake
Cup and Cake
Cup and Cake

Isabella’s combines Italian dishes with Mediterranean food in a chic and intimate atmosphere. Shoutout to their pesto pizza with arugula, mushrooms, prosciutto, parmesan and more cheese.

Pesto pizza
Cheese croquettes, Buratta salad and Caprese salad

Also to their apple pie and chocolate truffles.

Apple pie

I recommend visiting Be store to simply discover a new concept of store: combining art, culture and design in the consumer eyes which transmits a calming and exciting effect to purchase products.

Be concept store

To end this blog post, I want to share my latest discovery in Barcelona before COV-19 began. Espai Joliu is a plant shop that has a beautiful coffee shop to work, drink and/or eat.

Mini cactus in Espai Joli
Plants in Espai Joliu
Espai Joliu
Espai Joliu

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below if you have any inquiry.

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