Madrid, you’ve surprised me with this vast amount of restaurants variety.

Don’t forget to read the first food guide, click in the following link:

1. Salvaje: the perfect Japanese restaurant to celebrate your birthday. It has a professional DJ that plays commercial music and food is served in tall tables and chairs. Although it is overpriced, the food, music and ambiance is worth the visit!

Spicy tuna roll
Spicy tuna roll
Salmon temaki hand roll

2. Religion coffee: they’ve got the most incredible, beautiful and delicious blue Spirulina bowl!

Avo toasts with salmon/poached eggs, red fruit smoothie & blue spirulina bowl
Blue Spirulina bowl with granola and fruits
Blue Spirulina bowl with granola and fruits
Blue Spirulina bowl with granola and fruits
Blue Spirulina bowl with granola and fruits

3. Don Lay: the best restaurant for pekin duck, dumplings and more Chinese food options. Shoutout to their restroom, worth taking a picture inside!

Don lay’s restroom
Shrimp dumplings
Black squid dumplings

4. Estimar: a short menu where everything gets cooked with a lot of caution, detail and in the perfect degree of cookness. You’ll have to reserve with time and I recommend specifying for the table in front of their open-kitchen!

Green beans with “Espardeñas”
Fried squids

Keep space for their desserts, all homemade. They have this pineapple with vanilla ice cream inside that looked insane, however, we went for a chocolate classic option! One dessert is enough for 4 people.

Homemade chocolate cake

5. Barbillón Oyster: outside of Madrid city, a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant that has an incredible exterior space is located! Shoutout to their oysters, Arabic cake and chocolate cake from the shop “La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo”.

Poached eggs and truffle toasts
Medium cooked meat

6. Cannibal: an interior restaurant near Plaza Chueca that has excellent food.

My favorite plates were the fried artichokes (yes, I love artichokes 🙂 !!), their bbq dumplings and desserts!

Fried artichokes
Caramel coulant

7. Roots La Marca: the perfect healthy spot for a quick breakfast, midday lunch or even dinner! They close at 9 pm.

Personalised bowl with marinated tuna tataki
Double chocolate cake

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