Coming back from warm Colombia was difficult to face. Vacations are always hard to end and going back to the reality scares us at points but the truth is, a vacation life is not a real life. It’s easy to be in a beach, tanning all day, wearing summer clothes, eating everyday out… but that’s not real life. No matter how hard it is to survive the challenge of ending a trip, the best is to incorporate everything learned from that trip to your day to day routine. Although in Madrid I can’t walk around with flip flops wearing a bathing suit on a Tuesday, drink coconut water in the sea or swim in turquoise coloured water on a weekday, I brought to Madrid the Colombian positive vibes of getting vitamin D from the sun, eating clean and healthy and bonding with international people. Also, keep on discovering excellent restaurants as this one:

Kira Kira: a two section interior Japanese restaurant in Madrid – ideal for dates.

As soon as you enter in Kira Kira you walk down 5 small stairs and have a sushi bar on your right where you can either sit there or watch their sushi being made. In the area there’s two tables but as soon as you turn left you walk into their first space that has 4 tables that fits 4 people per table and then walk through a hallway to the second space which is decorated with Japanese paintings and sculptures.

I would recommend the first space for friendship meals while the second area for dates.

Their menu serves classic sushi platters, however, their nigiris are the best choice. I would suggest trying different nigiris and maybe ordering a Hosomaki or Uramaki roll. We tried almost all of them, O-toro with a touch of truffle, white fish with a touch of lemon, Salmon with miso and toasted Yuzu, Anguila with Sancho sauce, Chotoro with Ikura, Lobster cooked in two cookings with Ikura….

Nigiri variation: tuna, sea bass,
Salmon maki rol
Eal nigiri, lobster nigiri, salmon nigiri, scallop nigiri and tuna with truffle nigiri
The same plate as above reversed

Kira Kira’s brother restaurant is named Doki Doki. Does it also seem funny to you the names? 🙂 The menus are similar… serving nigiris as their speciality dish. We tried the lobster “Ebi” nigiri with a spicy Japanese mayo sauce and their scallop, salmon and wild sea bass nigiris. My favorite two were the salmon and scallop nigiris.

Scallop nigiri, salmon and wild sea bass nigiris
Flamed lobster nigiris with spicy mayo

Another interesting discovery in the city has been Mune, located in the neighbourhood of Justicia in Madrid. There’s something about their pink wall that makes it a unique, different and exquisite Lebanese restaurant.

As soon as you enter inside, you become enamored with their elegant, charming and warm design.

Interior decoration
Shoutout to the coolest phone straps by “By_Carlo”

My favorite plates are the traditional humus, fattoush salad and Lebanese Kebbeh (fried meat, grains and onion croquette). I recommend ordering several plates all to share, they also have the option of getting half portions to try more options.

Fattoush salad, zaatar bread with labneh & traditional humus

Another lunch option in Madrid if you’re more in a hurry between work or classes is grabbing a salad from Roots Lamarca and eating it under the sun of Madrid beautiful Retiro Park.

Roots salmon salad
Retiro park

Don’t forget to try the chocolate coulant from AmazĂłnico. Tip: reserve two weeks ahead of time in their Jazz room for a lovely dinner with live music.

Coulant from AmazĂłnico

And this incredible chocolate cake served in both Castizo and Carbon Negro.


The most incredible Nutella pancakes in Madrid are probably in Adorado Cafe.

A delicious Spanish cuisine restaurant in Salamanca: Ten con Ten. My favorite dishes where the duck spring rolls, tuna tartar, apple pie dessert and the chocolate brownie cake.

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