Osteria Il COLOMBO in Calle Hermanos Bécquer 5 Colombo opened recently this past November in Madrid with a similar Venetian menu as their brother restaurant, Xemei, in Barcelona. 2. Le Petit in Calle de Argensola 24 One of the most charming, romantic and intimate French cuisine restaurants in Madrid. I recommend sharing different plates to … More MADRID FOOD GUIDE (I)

BALEARIC ISLANDS TRAVEL GUIDE : Ibiza, Formentera & Menorca

COVID-19 changed our summer plans. I’m used to spend it in Beirut with my extended family. However, this one was in the Balearic Islands: Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca. You can find below the link for a map showing all my favorite restaurants, beaches and lakes. It’s color coded in the following way: Purple: restaurants Blue: … More BALEARIC ISLANDS TRAVEL GUIDE : Ibiza, Formentera & Menorca


If there is a city in the world that I cannot enjoy more brunch food, it’s definitely in the one of London. In my last visit seeing old high school friends, I tried more than 7 avocado toasts and came up with the conclusion of building a blog post comparing and contrasting each and everyone … More LONDON TRAVEL GUIDE

LEBANON TRAVEL GUIDE: Beirut, Batroun and Jbeil

The common cliché of how Middle Easterns are close minded in and out has been a talkative discussion over the past decades. Although I’m Spanish, my parents are Lebanese and I couldn’t be more proud of my double culture. This helped change my classmates’ perspective about the incorrect stereotypes about gender inequality, lack of freedom … More LEBANON TRAVEL GUIDE: Beirut, Batroun and Jbeil

USA WEST COAST TRAVEL GUIDE: Los Angeles and Sant Francisco

We escaped from cold New York towards sunny Los Angeles to spend a long weekend in the west coast for Presidential’s day. As soon as we arrived to LA, we headed to Malibu beach where we spent the entire day at the Little Beach House; the most trendy social club worldwide. The house is out … More USA WEST COAST TRAVEL GUIDE: Los Angeles and Sant Francisco


Paris, also known as the city of love, is a splendid weekend getaway you can do with your friends and/or partner. Since we decided to stay in Paris for three days, we structured clearly everyday our meals. Getting inspired by some pictures searched on Instagram, we decided to start our trip in “Maison Sauvage” (Rue … More PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE